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What Is Sphag Sorb?

sphag sorb oil absorbentSphag Sorb is the world's most effective oil absorbent and outperforms all other types of absorbent materials.

Sphag Sorb is the solution to industry's toughest clean up problems and will meet, or exceed, all your requirements for the effective clean up and disposal of oil spills, gasoline and nearly every other organic chemical

No 'high tech' application or equipment is needed for a complete clean up, all you need is a shovel or a broom, and it leaves no messy residue.

This finest of oil absorbents, Sphag Sorb is an all natural product, manufactured from finest sphagnum peat moss which originates from the bogs of Canada and produced from a renewable, natural resource.

Although Peat is a highly effective absorbent, selection of the peat fibre and effectiveness of dehydration play an important role in just how efficiently it performs.

With Sphag Sorb the peat fibres are separated from inorganic hard material, then activated into a high grade product with remarkable abilities to absorb and encapsulate oils, solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and all other organic chemicals.

The key to it's effectiveness is the natural capillary and porous structure of the activated peat because it provides a powerful 'wicking' action, absorbing hydrocarbons, PCB's and solvents quickly, and those properties means it can encapsulate the liquids on contact.

Unlike clay e.g. Sphag Sorb really absorbs the oil, wicking it up within thousands of microscopic capillaries and encapsulating it tightly. This ability to encapsulate the waste under pressure makes it ideal for land filling. It's high BTU value fits the optimum range for incineration and incinerates cleanly, with only 5% ash content.

Sphag Sorb is super absorbent and is ideal for the widest range of industrial absorbent requirements. It can absorb on land - on asphalt or concrete and in drums or tanks. It can absorb on water and even removes the oil sheen.

This oil absorbent is economical, efficient and easy to use as well as safe, non abrasive, non toxic and non leaching - and contains no silica.

 And better still, it doesn't just absorb oil. Sphag sorb is immensely versatile and can absorb a wide range of organic chemicals.

Sphag Sorb is ideal for emergency clean up as well as everyday, routine use in maintaining a clean safe working environment.

Make Sphag Sorb your first response, oil spill clean up tool!

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